Concave BOB Hairstyle

The concave bob hairstyle, In fact, this hairstyle made me look young n all i had to do was just grow it, it wouldn’t go out of shape! However, i’ve been keeping it for a while now, it has gotten really long, the longest strand has probably reached my waist at the back.. But after being in Melbourne for quite a few months, my hair has gotten pretty dry, especially without trimming or treatment.

The ends are pretty bad! And was always tangling ): When I got back to Singapore, I decided it was time for a trim. But once again, a trip to the salon meant a whole new look! My stylist was new at the salon, but he was SOOO patient with me! (i am the most indecisive at the salon… all the time!! cos i can’t decide how to make what i want different, and whether what i come up with is feasible/looks good) We exchanged quite a bit of ideas, especially about me wanting a two-toned look… finally it was decided I was gonna cut it short to get rid of the eeky ends and well, get a totally new look basically!

I also picked a blonde/beige that meant no-bleaching. He told me he’d make it non-bleach, i don’t know how true that is… (i didn’t want more unhealthy hair that was hard to manage!) So here goes…

I got a pretty bright “blonde” highlight on most of my bangs and just a tad at the sides. I reckon it’s so orange because I chose not to bleach, if I went with platinum blonde, then i’d definitely have to bleach my hair.. my stylist picked the brown that went along with my highlights.

It’s awesome!!, I told him to give me a cut that meant I could leave it out without it sticking out at odd angles.

short concave haircut Concave BOB Hairstyle

He assured me that at this length and with this weight, I won’t have to worry about bits sticking out and it hasn’t so far (this has been for 3 months now?), so i’m really happy! 😀 You might not notice from this photo