Beauty Resort 3 for Girls Play best Games for Friends

The Best Game for iPad New Beauty Resort 3 for Girls. Being very much one to enjoy being pampered, Spil Games’ Beauty Resort 2 for the iPad called to me. Well, it didn’t exactly call me, it was more like the game shouted my name and tugged on my wrists to play it. Beauty Resort 2 is a time management game where you step into the shoes of Heather, an aspiring Beauty Spa mogul. Your duty as Heather is to service and keep customers satisfied. While this sounds easy, it’s actually kind of hard depending on customer type and your multi-tasking skills.

In the multi-tasking time-management game Beauty Resort 2, help salon-owner Heather build her spa business into a beauty empire. Explore five new worlds, upgrading and decorating your resorts as you go! Running a spa becomes an entertaining challenge as you juggle demanding customers, keep stations clean, and race to reach profit targets

Customers come in the form of 10 different characters and they all vary in patience level and spa needs. Not every customer is going to want the same services including sauna, massage, hydro massage, tanning, etc. To keep the experience a diverse one, Heather goes through 5 different worlds including Easter Island, New Zealand, Japan, Nepal, and Iceland at 40 stages (8 stages per world.) In between stages, Heather has the luxury of buying beauty resort upgrades that will help earn major spa bucks. Completion of each level all depends on whether or not Heather’s made her sales goal. Making sales goals solely depends on your ability to service as many customers as you can. You do this all under a time limit.

While Beauty Resort 2 suggests a female target audience, I actually had a male friend play it without complaint of it draining him of his masculinity. Women I find, may enjoy it more because the gameplay experience reminds you of being at a spa somehow. If not being at a spa, it reminds you of wanting to be at a spa. The graphics are also cute and whimsical, much like bishojo anime. (Anime for girls Beauty Resort 3.)

Beauty Resort 3 for Girls Play best Games for Friends

The one nitpick I had about this game was that I finished through it pretty quickly — it took me an hour and a half to complete the entire game. I really wanted more after I was done, but for .99 cents, you can’t really complain.

Overall, Beaty Resort 2 is a casual, mindless time management game that’s fun and girly (but apparently tolerable for males). I recommend it if you’re looking for an easy time management game with a girly twist.

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